March 15, 2024

Comparing Suburbs North of Dallas vs. North Fort Worth/South Denton

If you’re considering a move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you’re not alone! A hot destination in the Lone Star State for the past few years, DFW has continued to see new residents stream in from across the country, causing a corresponding rise in new construction. When moving to the most populous metro area in Texas, many home shoppers find themselves facing a choice between settling in the suburbs north of Dallas or opting for a home in North Fort Worth/South Denton. Both have their advantages.

Our comparison looks at various aspects such as home prices, cost of living, quality of life, population growth, and school districts to help homebuyers make an informed decision.

1. Home Prices & Housing Market

North Dallas Suburbs: These areas, including cities like Plano, Allen, and Prosper, are well-known for their family-friendly neighborhoods and offer a variety of housing options, from sprawling estates to charming single-family homes. Recently, the housing market in these cities has been competitive, showing strong growth with a surge in the number of homes sold (up 15% in Plano, and 28% in Allen). Still, homes have been sitting on the market for longer, suggesting a shift towards a more buyer-friendly environment.

North Fort Worth/South Denton Suburbs: Offering a more diverse range of affordable housing options, suburbs like Argyle have recently seen a rise in homes sold, thanks to lower prices. Nearby in Northlake, nearly 14% more homes have hit the market recently, and have sold more quickly, signaling a hotter real estate landscape fueled by value and quality. Additionally, the broader region’s ability to attract new residents and maintain a robust job market will likely continue to drive demand in the housing sector.

2. Cost of Living

North Dallas Suburbs: North Dallas suburbs like Plano, Allen, and Prosper are known for their affluent communities, high-quality amenities, and well-regarded school districts. Accordingly, the cost of living in Collin County stands 11.7% higher than both the national and Texas state averages. Housing costs significantly contribute to this figure, with an average home price of around $488,500 registering markedly higher than both the national and state averages respectively. This speaks to the premium on housing within Collin County, reflective of its desirable neighborhoods and robust local amenities​​.

North Fort Worth/South Denton Suburbs: In nearby North Fort Worth/South Denton, cost of living is more manageable (for example, Argyle is only 4% above the national average). However, thanks to significant development in recent years the average housing prices have risen, reflective of the area’s attractiveness to buyers seeking a high quality of life without the premium price tag of North Dallas suburbs.

Both Collin and Denton counties boast strong community infrastructures and quality of life but differ in the cost implications for residents and homebuyers. Collin County, known for its upscale neighborhoods and higher living costs, contrasts with Denton County, which offers a slightly more affordable option without straying far from the amenities and lifestyle desired by those living in or moving to the North Texas region. These distinctions are crucial for making informed decisions based on personal and family needs, budget, and lifestyle preferences.

3. Quality of Life

Quality of life in both regions is high, with access to excellent amenities, vibrant green spaces, and a dynamic wealth of community activities. The North Dallas suburbs boast prestigious shopping centers, gourmet dining, and top-rated schools, catering to a luxurious lifestyle. In contrast, North Fort Worth/South Denton offers a more laid-back atmosphere with a strong sense of community, ample outdoor recreational opportunities, and growing local businesses. This area is particularly appealing to families, young professionals, and retirees alike, offering a rich blend of upscale housing, gated communities, and access to some of the best parks in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

4. Population Growth

North Texas has experienced significant population growth in recent years; in fact, the region is now home to over 8 million people. Since 2020, it has welcomed 453,000 new residents. Collin, Denton, and Tarrant counties have seen substantial increases, adding over 30,000 new residents each, highlighting the appeal of the Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs.

Collin County, which contains many North Dallas suburbs, boasted significant growth over the past decade (a whopping 47.2% since 2010), though that growth has tapered during recent years compared to the rest of the state. Meanwhile, nearby in North Ft. Worth/South Denton, population growth has slightly trailed it, with Denton County adding 46.8% new residents between 2010-2022 for a total population of 977,000+.

Denton itself stands out as a particularly appealing destination for incoming residents, notching its spot as the 7th fastest-growing city in the United States. This growth is a testament to its attractiveness as a place to live, work, and raise a family, with a promising future for newcomers seeking opportunities and a high quality of life in Texas.

5. School Districts

In the competitive landscape of North Texas education, both Collin County and Denton County have established themselves as regions with high-performing school districts, each offering distinctive strengths to cater to the diverse needs of their students.

School Districts in North Dallas/Collin County

Collin County is renowned for its concentration of top-ranked public schools, contributing significantly to the area’s appeal to families prioritizing educational excellence. Prosper Independent School District (PISD) and Allen Independent School District are standout examples, both recognized for their commitment to academic success, broad range of extracurricular activities, and community involvement.

PISD is celebrated for its rigorous curriculum, advanced placement courses, and strong emphasis on collaboration and community involvement. Allen ISD is noted for its innovative teaching methods, extensive fine arts programs, and active community engagement, ensuring students receive a comprehensive educational experience​​​​.

School Districts in North Ft. Worth/Denton County

Denton County boasts equally impressive educational institutions. One of only 23 state districts named to the Advanced Placement Honor Roll by the National College Board, the Northwest Independent School District stands out in the competitive educational landscape of North Texas. Known for its innovative approach to learning, the district offers a wide range of programs designed to meet the diverse needs of its students, from advanced academics and gifted education to comprehensive special education services.

Argyle Independent School District is also very strong, garnering praise for its holistic approach to education, high student achievement scores, successful “closing the gaps” initiatives, and substantial community support. The district’s dedication to fostering a nurturing and safe environment is evident in its high TEA ratings, reflecting an unwavering commitment to student success across various metrics​​.

Of course, Denton County is also home to several distinguished universities: Texas Woman’s University and the University of North Texas which is internationally recognized for excellence in music education and is also lauded for strong programs in science, engineering, and education.

North Dallas Homes vs. North Fort Worth Homes: FAQs

Where is the best housing market in Texas?

The Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs are witnessing significant growth, particularly in areas like Argyle, Northlake, and Prosper. These areas are known for more affordable housing, high quality of life, and excellent school districts, making them attractive destinations for families and professionals moving to Texas​​.

Is Denton County a good place to live?

Denton County offers an appealing balance of urban and suburban living, highlighted by strong population growth, economic opportunities, and community amenities. The county’s smaller cities, like Northlake, have seen remarkable growth and are praised for their school districts and quality of life​​.

Is it a good time to buy a house in Fort Worth?

With the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s continuing growth and the attraction of its suburbs, now remains a favorable time for buying a house in suburban Fort Worth. The region’s strong job market, coupled with the appeal of its school districts and community living, suggests sustained interest and potential for investment in the housing market​​.

Denton vs. Collin County: Choosing the Right Location to Buy a Home

While both destinations have their own distinct appeal, at the end of the day your choice between North Dallas and North Fort Worth/South Denton should align with your priorities. If more affordable housing options and a community-centric environment are key, the suburbs of North Fort Worth/South Denton could be your ideal destination. Conversely, for those seeking a dynamic urban environment with close access to luxury amenities, the North Dallas suburbs might be the perfect fit.

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