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What is a Move-In Ready Home?

You may have heard terms like inventory homes, spec homes, model homes, or ready-to-build homes. All these are different names for homes that are completed or nearly completed and awaiting new owners. At Pecan Square, we have a variety of these homes, each offering unique features and comforts to fit your lifestyle.

Why Buy a Move-In Ready Home?

When you select a move-in ready home, you take the most convenient, affordable path to owning a newly completed house in a new home community. In other words, you get to enjoy all the advantages of a new construction home, without the challenges. At Pecan Square, that’s what we offer with our collection of move-in ready homes.

Let’s explore the advantages that come with purchasing one of the quick move-in homes at Pecan Square.

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A Predictable Move-in Date

One significant advantage of a move-in ready home is that you get to choose your move-in date. Whether you’re relocating from across town or out of state, planning your move-in is as easy as scheduling the day.

A Walk Through

Unlike buying a home off a plan, with a move-in ready home you see exactly what you’re getting because you can physically walk right through it. You can enjoy each room, experience each space, and truly know that it’s right for you. You can start arranging furniture in your mind from your first visit and get a head start on making your cozy home a reality!

Saved Time

With a quick move-in home, you save time on construction. The time required to build a new construction home can be anywhere from six to twelve months. When you select a move-in ready home at Pecan Square, you eliminate months of waiting before you can take occupancy. Some quick move-in homes are nearly complete and others are ready now. You can make your move as soon as you’re ready!

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Curated Design Options

For those who don’t love staring at color swatches and comparing fixtures, a move-in ready home is a relief: many of the design selections have been made for you by the builders team of professional designers. Though your move-in ready home may be completed or nearly so, it’s never too late to add upgrades and other customizations. Examples include adding a standalone shower, an extra fireplace, or changing materials and/or colors for your kitchen or exterior.

Less Stress

While building a new home is exciting, there are many choices to make: everything from exterior materials to light fixtures to cabinet colors and much more. With move-in ready homes, there are far fewer decisions to make and fewer things that can go wrong. It’s a much smoother, more stress-free process than the conventional homebuying journey.


Much like car dealers do for cars that have been on the lot for a while, home builders are sometimes able to offer special incentives and discounts on move-in ready homes. Even if the home is still being finished, the materials have already been purchased and the pricing is locked in. You might just snag a bargain!

How Can I Find Move-In Ready Homes Near Me?

Frequently Asked Questions
About Move-In Ready Homes

Move-In Ready Homes vs Turnkey Homes: What’s the Difference?

Both of these terms refer to homes that are ready for immediate move-in. The main difference is that turnkey homes are usually older homes that have been refurbished, as opposed to brand-new homes that are ready to move into.

Is a Realtor Necessary for a Move-in Ready Home?

While a Realtor isn’t required, they are a helpful guide and can explain each step of the homebuying process, act as your advocate during negotiations, be present for home inspections, and help in numerous other ways. We always recommend using a Realtor during the homebuying process.

Is a Home Inspection required for a Move-in Ready Home?

While not always required, getting a home inspection before purchasing any home is highly recommended.

What is a Certificate of Occupancy?

This is a legal document issued by your local government, verifying that the home is safe and ready for occupation.

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