September 15, 2022

Growth in Northwest ISD Means New Schools and More

North Texas, including the area served by Northwest Independent School District (NISD), has grown substantially during the last decade. This accelerated growth has prompted the school district to plan numerous expansion projects that will be completed in the next few years, including several new schools. With so many people looking for new homes within Northwest ISD, these improvements will allow the district to better serve its ever-increasing population of students and families.

Why Are So Many People Moving to New Homes in Northwest ISD?

Residential communities in the district have been thriving, including Pecan Square by Hillwood in Northlake, Texas. Some of the reasons for the accelerated growth in the region include:

  • Communities in the area offer the benefits of small-town living but are still within a short drive to nearby big cities.
  • New home communities like Pecan Square offer more home for the money than in the city, plus a fantastic array of amenities.
  • Families are looking for the sense of community offered in neighborhoods like Pecan Square.
  • The entire DFW region has amazing career opportunities.
  • This area is home to highly rated school districts, including the Northwest ISD.

With so many opportunities and great places to live, Northlake and its surrounding areas have seen an unprecedented level of growth.

Why People Love Northwest ISD

Of course, that begs the question of why people love Northwest ISD in particular. There are a few reasons, including its excellent reputation and 95% parent satisfaction rate. NISD has been highly rated by the Texas Education Agency and independent parties as one of the top school districts in the state, scoring above state averages in all accountability areas. Here, parents can be confident that their children will receive quality instruction from capable teachers in a stimulating learning environment.

Planned Expansion and Improvements in the Northwest ISD

Owing to the increased growth in the area, Northwest ISD has planned a large number of expansion projects and improvements for schools in the area. The following projects will allow NISD to serve a larger number of students and provide superior resources to support their education.

7 New Schools

Among the expansion projects planned by Northwest ISD are seven new schools, including a new elementary school within Pecan Square. Johnie Daniel Elementary School is set to open for the fall 2023 school year, and it will serve families throughout our community.

By building new schools, NISD ensures that students receive individualized instruction by keeping class sizes smaller. Students also attend classes with people who are not only their peers, but neighbors and friends, making it easier to establish lasting relationships.

New and Improved Athletic Facilities

In addition to several new schools, some schools are getting upgraded or new athletics facilities as well. New and refurbished courts, tracks, and fields are in the works for some middle schools in the district, allowing for higher quality resources for recreation and athletic training for students in the area.

Technology Improvements

Technology has played an integral role in education, including in Northwest ISD. Currently, the district issues laptops to teachers as well as students in grades 6-12. Funding has been allocated for replacement computers and new devices as enrollment grows.

In addition, NISD is planning to upgrade their network infrastructure for faster internet and increased security. New TV monitors are also going to replace older equipment, providing clearer visual instruction for students of all ages.

Capital Improvements

Finally, various schools and facilities are going to be renovated or repurposed. In many cases, security will be updated, creating safer learning environments for students. More busses, improved playground areas, and additional construction projects are all in the works as well, with timelines ranging from 2023 to 2025.

Find Homes for Sale in Northwest ISD

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