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Amenities designed for life

At Pecan Square, the Square is where folks drop in and hang out. Whether it's for a big, Texas-style barbecue, to grab a cup of coffee, pick up a package, or drop kids off at swim lessons. The Town Square is where people can engage in an active life or just relax and watch the world go by. The Square is anchored by Jackson Hall with it's game room and pools, the Post & Parcel package and mail hub, the Greeting House with a co-working space and welcome center, and The Arena - home to 22,000 covered square feet of games, entertainment and event space. All of it designed to create a true sense of community for generations of homeowners.

A place to meet

Pecan Square Jackson hall

Jackson Hall

Designed in homage to the old barn that once stood in its place, this community building serves as a space for residents to meet, gather for events—or some friendly competition in the game room. If The Square is the beating heart of the community, this is the pulse.



Pecan Square Jackson hall pool


There’s nothing like diving into the shimmering oasis that is a deep blue pool when you’re deep in the heart of Texas. It’s refreshing right down to your DNA. And here, you get a swimming hole that would be the envy of many resorts.


Service is an amenity

Pecan Square greeting house


The Greeting House is home to Pecan Square's Lifestyle Manager, who plans special events, organizes clubs, and generally ensures a good time for all. In addition, a dedicated home automation professional will be on-hand Monday through Friday to help with your home technology needs, and an on-site HOA Manager and Community Host, too.


A new way to work

Pecan Square Greeting House

Co-working Space

What if you could go to work without going, you know, to work? Pecan Square’s co-working center, located in The Greeting House, is your office away from office. A flexible work space, with work stations, meeting rooms, and all the conveniences you need from a conventional office but with the added bonus of being close to home.


Self-service package pick up

Pecan Square Postal Parcel

Post & Parcel

The world shops online now. Which means fewer shopping bags and a lot more packages being delivered. Now you don’t have to worry about Amazon packages sitting on your porch all day, thanks to secure Amazon lockers that allow you pick up at any time.


Please walk on the grass

Pecan Square The Lawn


The Lawn is the gathering place’s gathering place. Where you’ll go for morning yoga, picnics, or just to toss the football around. Because some of the community’s best assets are not built, they’re grown.



Pecan Square the arena

The Arena

The arena is a 22,000-square-foot covered pavilion that will be lovingly repurposed with plenty of space for fun and games, live music and community gatherings. A place with a charming link to the past, where you can relax with your neighbors.


Here’s to your health

Lady exercising Yoga

Fitness Center

At Pecan Square, getting in a workout is no sweat. Because a state-of-the-art fitness center is there for you anytime you need it. The idea is that if it’s easier to workout, you’ll just do it.

Coming Soon!
  • Jackson Hall
  • Pools
  • The Greeting House
  • Co-working Space
  • Post & Parcel
  • The Lawn
  • The Arena
  • Fitness Center

The nature of things

couple running with dog

Parks, playgrounds, green spaces and trees

Something happens when you mix people and nature. You get balance and perspective. You find yourself surrounded by rolling green prairie. Playing in parks and playgrounds. Walking or chasing the frisbee with your furry friend. Or just relaxing under a shady old pecan tree, relearning the lost art of doing nothing.
Pecan Square Map
The details as shown on this map exhibit are for illustrative purposes only and is by no means a guaranty that future improvements will be constructed. The information provided is not drawn to scale and is subject to change based on the Developer’s (Hillwood and any of its affiliated entities) discretion at any time. Furthermore, the development and phasing of the development is subject to market conditions and other unforeseen conditions that may occur. Hillwood Communities May 2019
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