July 31, 2021

Making the Most of Pecan Square’s Technology

Modern technology has given us the opportunity to upgrade our lives and our homes. Where we once might have encountered small annoyances or inconveniences, we now have advanced home technology that allows us to spend more time enjoying life.

Hillwood Communities celebrate these advances. We believe in creating tech-forward spaces for smart living, so our residents can spend more time on what matters. Homeowners at Pecan Square by Hillwood know all about these advantages. All the beautiful homes in this master-planned community in Northlake, TX come with the Pecan Square by Hillwood Canopy technology bundle, which makes smart living and community connection easier than ever.

The Pecan Square by Hillwood Canopy Technology Bundle

The technology features that are built into the homes at Pecan Square are ready to go at move-in so residents can enjoy these amenities from the very first day! Each home comes with:

  • Speedy, half-gig internet service
  • Ring video doorbell
  • Amazon Echo Show
  • Full house Wi-Fi coverage
  • On-site IT support from Pecan Square’s Home Pro technology expert
  • Pecan Square Life App

With these comprehensive services, each home in our Pecan Square community is equipped for residents who are ready to take our Live Smart philosophy to the next level.

Personalized Home Tech Setup

When you live at Pecan Square, getting started with smart home technology doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. We make it easy for you by installing your smart home services before you even move in! And our Pecan Square by Hillwood Canopy technology bundle doesn’t only provide stellar technology upfront — it also gives you access to our tech support services. This means that our team can help you create your own tech setup inside your home, ensuring that you have the conveniences and modern technology upgrades that you desire for your space.

Some of the ways our home tech experts can help you with your personal tech setup include:

  • Connecting your smart TV to your home’s network.
  • Answering questions you may have about the Canopy technology setup.
  • Integrating new smart home products into your home system, as you purchase them.
  • Showing you how to use the Amazon Echo show.
  • Creating a personalized security system for your unique needs.

With these services, you can fully customize your home and make it your own. You can reap the benefits of modern smart home features without the burden of installing them yourself.

Pecan Square vs. Other Smart Homes

There are many smart home options available on the market today. In fact, many new construction homes come with smart technology. However, our homes at Pecan Square are different. Though we do install smart devices into our residences, we do so in order to foster a greater sense of connection and community.

With our technology, it is easier than ever to converse with family and friends. The safety and security that our communities provide empower residents to go out and meet their neighbors and socialize regularly. Without the burden of installing and running smart home technology on your own, you have more time to enjoy your surroundings and make the most out of your neighborhood.

Our smart home services have helped to make Pecan Square the forward-thinking community it is today.

Take Advantage of Our Smart Home Features

From the second you move into Pecan Square, you get to enjoy all of the advantages our smart home technology features offer. Our Pecan Square by Hillwood Canopy technology bundle gives you access to tech experts who can make sure you feel confident about using your home’s features. Here are some great ways you can call on Pecan Square’s Home Pro expert to configure your home’s technology for maximum convenience:

  • Link your Ring video doorbell to your smartphone or tablet, so you always know who is at your door.
  • Configure your Echo Show to your preferred settings, including your favorite radio stations, tv channels, and volume levels.
  • Assess your needs and determine how further smart home purchases can fill any unique home desires.
  • Allow them to walk you through your amenities, to make sure you know what is available to you.

Our smart home features are meant to make your Pecan Square house feel like a home, and we encourage you to take full advantage when you move in.

Moving into a Smart Home

One of the best ways you can adjust to living in a smart home is to get to know the services that your devices can provide. Before moving day, research your devices and read about what they can do. When you move into Pecan Square, schedule an appointment with our Home Pro technology experts and ask any and all questions you may have about your home’s services. Doing this on day one ensures that you can use your smart home technology to its full potential.

Contact Us

If you’re considering a move within or to North Texas, take a virtual tour of Pecan Square by Hillwood in Northlake, TX! In addition to our fantastic smart home technology, our community has state-of-the-art amenities designed to build community connections! Come visit us at the Greeting House at Pecan Square or contact us online today.