February 15, 2022

A Tasty Convenience: Food Trucks at Pecan Square

From Asian street food hubs to Indonesian floating markets, mobile eateries have been feeding hungry masses all over the world for centuries. In America, the ice cream trucks of the 1950s began popularizing the concept of community food trucks as we know them today – though a lot has changed between then and now.

The modern-day food truck culture that the North Texas Metroplex enjoys has been growing exponentially since 2008. In the five years between 2013 and 2018 it expanded a whopping 135%. Things spiked again during COVID-19 when restaurants took to the streets. With only to-go orders and no indoor seating, community food trucks became the safer alternative to eating out.

That’s blessed us with access to a thriving food truck community right here at Pecan Square by Hillwood! See how food trucks are helping fill an important role in our own new home community one plate at a time – plus when and where you can catch them.

What Value Does a Food Truck Bring to a Community?

Breaking bread with your neighbors has always been a great way to strengthen bonds where you live. Inviting a member of your community to take a walk and join you for a bite can be the start of a lifelong friendship.

These convenient mobile restaurants also help busy, working families stay social and cut back on the number of grocery runs needed to put food on the table. The dishes are often more affordable than brick and mortar restaurants, too, since their overhead is lower. You can even use this as a strategy to break up the monotony in your cooking rotation and inspire you to try something new! Love a dish? Look up a recipe and recreate it at home with your family on a different day!

And because mobile kitchens make it easy to try cuisines from around the world, you get the opportunity to experience new cultures through food. Community food trucks allow us to become more worldly without leaving town!

Finally, Northlake, Texas restaurants have been hit hard these past two years. Each time you make a purchase at a Pecan Square food truck, you’re supporting a local business – and that’s something you can definitely feel good about.

What’s on the Menu?

The Pecan Square Homeowners Association does a delicious job planning different food truck rotations throughout the month. Residents can check the monthly activity calendar for details on which eateries will be serving up blue plate specials on which days.

But the food trucks at Pecan Square aren’t just for the community’s homeowners.  Anyone who has a craving for convenience can drop by The Square for a quick bite. In a typical month, you might have the chance to sample the wares of a taco food truck, a hibachi truck, a BBQ food truck, a lobster food truck, and more!

Another option for foodies looking for a mobile meal is the food truck park at our sister community Union Park by Hillwood in Little Elm, Texas. Similar to Pecan Square, they don’t just serve the residents. Anyone can enjoy a hot meal and good company! One taste and you’ll understand why Hillwood residents love having food truck options in their communities.

Want to really make it festive? Pack a blanket and you have an instant picnic. Food trucks will provide you everything you need from napkins and utensils to drinks and condiments, just like any other full-scale restaurant would.

Experience the Food Trucks Park at Pecan Square!

If you are wondering where to find food trucks, no more searching ‘food truck near me’. Just head to The Square! From Wednesday evening to Sunday dinner, you’re likely to find a local eatery cooking up something amazing.

Interested in buying a new construction home with access to yummy community food trucks? Start your home search at Pecan Square by Hillwood, an award-winning, amenity-rich community just minutes from DFW airport— and miles away from the ordinary.