August 6, 2020

Benefits of Buying a New Build Smart Home

The home buying process is not one-size-fits-all. Some home buyers find their dream home online, others buy a fixer upper, and some even inherit a home from their family. Sometimes, prospective homeowners choose to buy a newly built home equipped with smart home features so they can always stay connected — a growing trend particularly among young homebuyers.

New build smart homes are all the buzz in the real estate market these days. With features like faster WiFi, home security, and AI, many communities are incorporating smart home design into new builds to make life just a little more convenient for first time homeowners, empty nesters, and everyone in between.

One of the latest innovations by the smart home builders and Hillwood Communities is Pecan Square Canopy. This smart home technology and amenity bundle was specifically designed to keep families connected and makes everyday, at-home tasks just a little bit easier. Find out more about the amazing features of this technology bundle and some of the benefits of a new build smart home at Pecan Square.

New Build Smart Homes Support Faster WiFi

As the real estate market continues to fill up with young first time homeowners, smart home features and designs will continue to be at the top of many homebuyers’ wish lists. One of the most in-demand features is faster internet speeds for downloading movies, streaming TV shows, conducting Zoom or video conferencing, and facetiming with friends and family.

At Pecan Square, each new build smart home is equipped with speedy half-gig internet. With the Canopy Technology Bundle, Pecan Square residents will receive full WiFi coverage for glitch-free streaming and the ability to support multiple devices. Additionally, this reliable WiFi network will also connect you with the neighborhood network that allows you to stay in touch with neighborhood events and HOA announcements so you’re always in the loop.

Canopy’s fast internet speeds also allow Pecan Square homes to support other smart home features like video surveillance and AI assistants like Alexa. These are just some of the amazing innovations you can expect with a home created by the smart home builders and developers at Pecan Square.

Video Surveillance & Security Smart Home Features

For many first time homeowners, the question of security might come up during the home buying process. While many home security systems are relatively easy to install, some older homes still may not be able to fully support the type of technology a robust smart surveillance system calls for.

While safety and a sense of community is a benefit of a master planned community, Pecan Square’s builders also design each new home with video surveillance capabilities to fully put homeowners’ minds at ease. Every front door is outfitted with a Ring Video Doorbell so you can monitor everything from package delivery to visiting neighbors.

Additionally, smart home designs like front door surveillance can also improve the marketability of your home when the time comes to sell. Nearly 47% of millennials report having some type of smart home device, so when searching online, they won’t shy away from residences that come with popular video surveillance products or other smart home features.

New Build Smart Homes With AI Assistants

Many new smart homes also feature AI assistants like Alexa to make daily tasks just a little bit easier. Today, homeowners who purchase a new build smart home can easily order groceries, play music, and control temperature without lifting a finger, taking homeownership and managing a household to a new level of convenience.

At Pecan Square, every home is equipped with an Amazon Echo Show to give homeowners full control over energy usage, safety, and connectivity. Being able to remotely control appliances, light switches and other smart home designs allows Pecan Square residents to spend more time with their family and friends in the community.

Order groceries while out on a walk, turn off lights from the car, or even watch the front porch to see when an important package has arrived. Homeownership is much more convenient with a new build smart home from Pecan Square and the Canopy Technology Bundle. Connect with a helpful realtor and find your dream smart home today.

To get started on the path to owning your very own smart home, check out popular builds and listing prices, or stay up to date on the latest home designs as the Pecan Square community continues to grow.