March 31, 2020

Four Surprising Perks of Master Planned Communities

Have you ever wondered what goes into neighborhood planning? Who decides the general appearance of the homes? Who plants the trees and bushes along the street? For folks living in master planned communities, the answers to those questions are known long before they move in.

Master planned communities are large, carefully designed communities with community features like country clubs, parks, golf courses, playgrounds, stores and even restaurants. They can also have on-site security that makes the community safer and some are gated, offering improved traffic management for a safer living environment.

These are just a few reasons why people are choosing to move into master planned communities when they’re ready to purchase a home. Learn more about the unique reasons why families are moving into planned neighborhoods.

Homes to Fit Your Family and Lifestyle

Master planned communities have been brushed off by home buyers in the past because of the misconception that all the homes are the same. Homes in planned neighborhoods have access to teams of new home builders that can customize homes to the buyer’s needs.

In reality, Pecan Square and other master planned communities put extra effort to give homeowners options to avoid that cookie-cutter look. This helps create variety and encourages buyers to get creative with their homes, while also boosting the curb appeal of the neighborhood.

Flex rooms, for example, allow homeowners to make structural changes to the inside of their home. Office space can transform into guest bedrooms by adding a closet and living areas can convert into a home office by adding a door. This just illustrates that new homes in master planned communities are anything but cookie-cutter and can be customized to fit your needs.

A Sense of Community

If master planned neighborhoods are known for one thing, it’s community. There are many reasons the close-knit, communal feelings are particularly strong in places like Pecan Square. For one, a number of our residents move into our master planned community from out of state. With everyone laying down roots at the same time, it’s hard not to become friendly with your neighbors.

These bonds are strengthened in neighborhoods like ours because of community features like Pecan Square’s co-working space, swimming pools, and the other amenities that surround The Square. These create natural places to mingle, catch up, and build close relationships.

Some master planned communities also include lifestyle programs. These programs, like the one in Pecan Square, create even more ways for neighbors to connect and make new friends.

Smart Investment

Many homebuyers may view the strict building codes of master planned communities as a drawback, but they’re in place to maintain a clean and put together look when residents decide to customize their homes.

These guidelines, and the homeowners associations who manage them, help maintain home values in a way that other neighborhoods just can’t. In many cases, master planned communities are great for homebuyers who may want to sell their house in the future while serving their needs now, all without compromising property value.

Some HOA dues also provide services beyond community amenities and include neighborhood services like internet or cable. For example, the Pecan Square Canopy technology and amenity bundle gives homeowners half gig internet and full house WiFi coverage at move-in.

The housing market can be volatile, but master planned communities offer protection against that. Between the high standards of living and community features, planned neighborhoods check the box for homebuyers of any generation and background.

Beautiful Sights

The views inside of Pecan Square are second to none. But you’ll also notice the sights around our neighborhood are even more picturesque. That’s because we’ve built the Pecan Square community with our strongly held belief of living in harmony with the existing land.

Master planned communities are often built in areas with bustling retailers and great schools, and Pecan Square is no exception. What’s more, the architectural and landscaping standards of the community have a tendency to spill over into the surrounding area to create a positive and safe place for everyone in the community.

As more and more of these neighborhoods crop up across the country, homebuyers from all walks of life will settle down in master planned communities to establish comfortable, enriched lives. Contact us to find out what makes living in Pecan Square truly special.