August 15, 2021

5 Reasons We Love Community Farmers Markets!

Farmers markets are a popular way for people to connect both with each other and with produce and products from their local community. Since 1994, the number of farmers markets in the US has grown from under 2,000 to over 8,600—and those are just the ones registered with the USDA.

There are many reasons to love community farmers markets, from the farm fresh fruits and vegetables they provide to the opportunity to connect with family, friends, and neighbors.  So, how do farmers markets help the community?

5 Benefits of Local Farmers Markets

The following benefits have played an important role in driving the success of farmers markets nationwide, and they’re the reasons why farmers markets are so beloved.

1.     Healthier Food, Healthier Community

First, farmers markets are a great source of healthy, fresh produce at reasonable prices and many markets offer a large selection of organic foods which are grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Everyone benefits from an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, but this is especially important for those who don’t have a lot of options for buying groceries.  A study conducted in Texas in 2012 found that when farmers market stalls were set up near low-income communities, fruit and vegetable consumption went up significantly. Farmers markets reduce the barriers to healthy eating for people living nearby.

The fruits and vegetables found at community markets also tend to taste better than grocery store produce. This is because they are vine-ripened, harvested shortly before sale, and don’t spend a lot of time in transit or storage.

2. Better for the Environment

Since the produce you find at a farmers market is usually sourced from within 50 miles of your venue, there’s less of a carbon footprint associated with your food. If your farmers market is near your home, you also save on fuel expenses yourself, whether it’s just a short drive or you’re in walking distance.

Farming itself is also important to maintaining healthy soil, and farmers markets encourage people to stay in agriculture. The end result is a healthier Earth.

3. Support Local Farmers and Businesses

Local farmers markets are an excellent way to support farmers and other businesses in your area. Since you’re buying directly from local growers and producers, they get to take home more of what you spend—up to 90 percent, in fact. When compared to the 14.3 cents they get per dollar spent at grocery stores, it’s obvious how shopping at community markets is better for farmers.

In addition to directly supporting local farmers, you can also help local businesses who may be in the area as well. Nearby stores benefit from the traffic generated by farmers markets, making them a win for everyone in the community.

4. Build Relationships

When you go to the store, it’s just an errand. That’s not the case with farmers markets. It’s an event that involves far more than just shopping. Meet up with friends, chat with the vendors, taste test new foods, and enjoy the atmosphere! Farmers markets bring people together, which, according to one survey, 28% of survey respondents felt is their greatest benefit.

Farmers markets are also a great place to learn about upcoming events and activities, giving you more opportunities to be part of your community. They provide an excellent venue to develop relationships new and old, all while building a sense of community.

5. Try Something New

Finally, farmers markets provide an excellent opportunity to try new things. You’ll often find foods that aren’t normally present at your standard grocery store, making them an excellent opportunity to shake things up a little. Learn a new recipe, try a new food, and make new memories!

Great Farmers Markets in Denton County

Denton County is home to many farmers markets that residents in our community can enjoy. These include:

Each market offers a wide range of delicious foods and handmade crafts from local vendors, making them worth checking out.

Market on the Square at Pecan Square by Hillwood

When you stop by the local farmers market, community pride is clearly on display. That is certainly true when it comes to Market on the Square at Pecan Square, Hillwood’s master-planned community in Northlake, Texas. This quarterly resident event features local growers, vendors and artisans displaying an array of fresh, delicious produce, foods, gifts, crafts, and more for our homeowners to enjoy.

Market on the Square isn’t just about shopping, it’s also an excellent opportunity to meet neighbors, spend quality time with friends and family, and support local vendors. To learn more about our community, explore Pecan Square by Hillwood today.