September 15, 2021

Using Technology to Enhance Home Learning

Technology has become an important component of the modern classroom, and it’s essential to home learning as well. With remote learning becoming a more common part of life, modern technology is more important than ever when it comes to facilitating and enriching children’s education.

The Importance of Technology in Education

So, how does technology enhance learning and teaching strategies? Let’s review some of the positive effects of technology on teaching and student learning.

Technology Facilitates Home Learning

As of October 2020, 61% of households in Texas reported using online distance learning. This heightened use of home learning has been essential to allow education to continue when schools were forced to close due to COVID-19 in early 2020. Without technology, student learning would have been exponentially more difficult during the pandemic. Thanks to the online learning experience, school continued for most children in some form or fashion.

Technology Improves Individualized Learning

Technology also supports individualized education. This means it helps meet the specific learning needs of each student since it enables each to work at their own pace. There are also various learning technologies designed to help students with special needs.

Technology Allows Easier Communication

Technology gives teachers and students more ways to communicate than ever before. Direct messages, video calls, email, shared online documents, and discussion boards are all ways in which students and teachers can collaborate in the virtual classroom. For parents, this connectivity means easier contact with teachers to discuss their child’s progress.

Technology Supports Multimodal Learning

Research shows that 66% of students learn best when multiple learning modes—visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic styles—are engaged. By providing access to a nearly limitless library of multimedia resources, technology makes multimodal learning easier than ever.

Technology Expedites Independent Study

With ready access to Internet resources, students are able to do their own research more easily than ever before. With a bit of guidance on how to research different topics, students are able to find answers to their questions without having to leaf through dozens of books.

Technology Teaches Real World Skills

It’s no secret that technology has not only taken over the way we learn, but also the way we work and communicate. By using technology in the classroom—including the home classroom that has become so prevalent—teachers and parents can help kids learn essential skills they’ll need to be successful in the real world.

Using Home Technology to Enrich Learning

When used in the home, technology can be a powerful tool to enrich learning. For example, the smart home technology included in the homes at Pecan Square in Northlake, TX can be used in many ways to give your children fun learning experiences. Here are some ideas to use technology to enhance learning at home.

Amazon Echo Skills for Learning

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa can help with learning in many ways. There are thousands of skills you can add to your Echo Show, many of which can supplement home learning. Some of these skills include:

  • 1-2-3 Math and Amazon Math, which provide math quizzes
  • Kids Quiz for quizzes about various topics
  • Smart Dictionary for learning new vocabulary
  • Mad Libs for fun with words
  • SayHi Language Learning for basic conversations in a second language
  • Busy Hands for help with hands-on science projects

Alexa can also be used for answering simple questions, helping with spelling, or listening to audiobooks.

Additional Alexa Tools

Alexa has other tools available that can help with education in less direct ways. For instance, the “Sleep Superpower” skill helps kids wind down and ease into dreamland, while the “School Schedule” skill helps with managing class schedules.

Abundant Educational Content

The educational content on the Internet has come a long way in recent years and much of it is quite entertaining, as well! With a reliable internet connection, your kids have almost unlimited learning resources at their fingertips. Try these YouTube channels to supplement your child’s classroom and at home learning:

  • SoulPancake, which offers content on a variety of subjects
  • TED-Ed, for lessons and brain-teasing riddles
  • WordWorldPBS with its fun animated content
  • PBS Eons for fun information about natural history
  • Houston Zoo if you like animals
  • Smithsonian Channel, which has content on natural and world history

These are just a few of the many online resources that can bolster your child’s education and make learning fun!

Enhance Learning with the Smart Home Technology at Pecan Square

The smart home technology included in every home at Pecan Square by Hillwood offers so many ways to enrich your child’s learning. With an Amazon Echo Show, half-gig internet, and full Wi-Fi coverage throughout each home, with your help, your child can enjoy a world of wonderful online learning experiences!