April 30, 2021

Smart Home Statistics & Facts

Over the past several years, the smart home industry has experienced tremendous growth. American homeowners are taking advantage of the many benefits that smart homes offer, tailoring their smart tech additions to their unique preferences. Smart home statistics indicate that more people than ever are interested in smart home automation. Those who configure their homes with the latest smart technology enjoy greater comfort, security, and energy efficiency. At Pecan Square by Hillwood, our community thrives on the concept of living smart, and our residents experience the many benefits of smart home ownership in a beautiful contemporary community.

The Smart Home Industry and Market

Recent smart home technology statistics indicate that our appetite for home automation is strong and growing. Sales from this smart home data confirm that the U.S. smart home market is a $40 billion business. Amazing when you consider the smart home industry is a business that most of us had never imagined just a few decades ago.

More than half of all Americans report the smart technology they have at home saves them a noticeable amount of time each day. One of the most interesting smart home facts we’ve found is that over the course of a full year, it’s estimated the average American saves more than a full week and a half thanks to the smart home technology they have installed!

The smart home industry doesn’t show any signs of slowing as adoption continues to increase across the US. Smart home stats show that not only are more people becoming interested in smart home tech, but they’re also adopting it at a faster pace compared to previous years. Additionally, smart tech is becoming more efficient and more accessible, offering more Americans the chance to take advantage of the many benefits smart technology can offer to any home. About 70% of people who already own one smart home product report that they intend to purchase more in the future.

Smart Home Security & Sensors

One of the most important smart home facts that everyone should consider is the added security smart technology can offer to your home. Video cameras, remote monitoring applications, and various types of sensors can provide peace of mind and increased physical safety to any home. The majority of American smart tech buyers report that security is their main issue when considering new smart technology purchases for their home. More than 60% of homeowners want better locks and alarms, and smart technology can deliver much tighter home security options. Homeowners can configure cameras and other security features of the home to allow them to control the home’s security devices from a smartphone.

Energy and Lighting

Smart device statistics from recent years reveal that energy efficiency is another major concern among American homeowners. Innovative new smart tech allows homeowners greater control over the environments inside of their home and a wide range of automation options. For example, smart thermostats and fans require little to no manual adjustment and will operate at peak efficiency as exterior weather conditions shift. Home automation statistics show that smart climate control options are widely popular and can help reduce energy consumption.

Voice Assistants

Thanks to the advent of voice assistants, homeowners are now able to control and configure various aspects of their residences using only their voice. Voice assistant devices have become widely popular across the country, from voice-activated smartphone assistants to tabletop devices that allow homeowners to control various home functions with spoken commands.

Smart Appliances

Beyond security, climate control, and voice assistance, modern smart technology also allows homeowners to have greater control over the appliances they use every day. Dishwashers, laundry machines, refrigerators, and other home appliances can be interconnected in a seamless fashion, providing owners with useful reminders, automated functionality, and greater convenience in their day-to-day lives. Smart appliances also function more efficiently than traditional appliances, further enhancing the energy efficiency of the modern smart home.

Tour A Smart Home, From Home

Have you seen enough smart home data to want to experience this new technology trend for yourself? Americans are adopting smart tech at an increasingly fast rate, and Pecan Square by Hillwood offers you the chance to build the smart home of your dreams in a vibrant and welcoming community.

Every home at Pecan Square is outfitted with our Canopy technology bundle to ensure you can start taking full advantage of smart home technology from the moment you walk into your new home. Full-coverage, half-gig Wi-Fi, a Ring Video Doorbell, and an Amazon Echo Show are just a few of the smart tech perks you can enjoy from the first day of your new life in Pecan Square. If you are ready to explore the smart home technology at Pecan Square by Hillwood firsthand, try a virtual tour and contact us for more information.