May 30, 2021

Top 5 Ways Smart Home Assistants Boost Productivity

The home technology market contains many innovative smart home assistant devices offering real benefits for work-at-home efficiency, such as Amazon’s Alexa. These tools offer countless ways to improve productivity while working at home.

What Are Smart Home Assistants?

So, what is a smart home assistant? Many confuse smart home assistants with smartphone assistants, the most basic virtual aide on the market. A smartphone assistant allows you to control your mobile device through voice commands.

A smart assistant, otherwise known as a virtual assistant, is the software inside smart speakers, smart home hubs, and similar devices. Virtual assistants are used to complete productivity tasks, perform services, answer questions, and more. Smart home assistants use voice recognition software to understand queries and take commands.

These assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, can link to other smart home technology throughout the house, including thermostats, security systems, lighting, electrical outlets, door locks, TVs, faucets, and more if you have the appropriate devices installed. This type of whole house automation allows you to focus on the work at hand instead of getting up to adjust the temperature or check the door.

Smart home assistants also offer telecommuters options for greater efficiency during the workday. Below we review some of the ways to improve home office productivity with a virtual assistant.

Smart Assistants Enable Hands-Free Execution of Tasks

Homeowners with smart home assistants enjoy the convenience of hands-free handling of many daily tasks. Instead of interrupting what you’re doing to adjust the temperature or see who is at the door, your smart home assistant automates these tasks for you. In workplace applications, prime smart home assistant uses are to perform research and to do calculations in hands-free mode.

Home Smart Assistants Enable Easy Communication

Use your smart home assistant to make calls to coworkers, clients, vendors, and anyone else. Some smart devices allow for video calling, as well. Connect with anyone in your contacts, seamlessly, or have your smart assistant search the internet for the number you need, all without interrupting the project at hand.

If you’re working from home and have multiple smart devices, you can use your smart assistant as an intercom system. So, you can let others at home know not to interrupt you during an important call or time-sensitive project.

Use A Smart Home Assistant to Help You Concentrate

Are you the type to play music in the background while you work? Many do because it helps their concentration on the task at hand. If you enjoy working with background music, you can tell your smart home assistant to put on your favorite workday playlist. Integrate with your favorite streaming service and the tunes will continue without micromanagement on your end.

A Smart Home Assistant Can Manage Your Calendar

You likely have a calendar on your mobile device and home computer, mostly thanks to Google or a third-party app. But with a smart home assistant, you no longer need to spend time opening said app, finding the correct date, then typing up all of the information to set an appointment.

Alternatively, a home smart assistant will handle all appointment setting tasks on your behalf, all thanks to voice commands. Furthermore, each morning before you start working, or while you begin, you can ask your smart home assistant for to-do items and appointments, and it will alert you to any appointments and calendar entries set for the day.

Use A Smart Home Assistant for Reminders

Never let something slip through the cracks again when you use Alexa for productivity (or another smart assistant). You can ask your virtual assistant to remind you of something on a specific day and time in the future, with just a few words. No more sticky notes on your monitor, you will get an audible reminder at your designated time.

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