January 15, 2023

Pecan Square Fitness Center: Our Newest Amenity is a Perfect Fit

Residents of Pecan Square by Hillwood in Northlake, Tx who made resolutions to amp up their fitness levels in 2023 now have an amazing resource at their fingertips to make those goals a reality! Our new 2,700 square foot fitness center is now open in Jackson Hall for the community to enjoy.

Cutting-Edge Fitness Equipment

Pecan Square’s newest amenity contains an amazing assortment of state-of-the-art fitness equipment for homeowners to use to stay in shape.

The fitness center was designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. The broad assortment of quality, multi-purpose equipment offers just about everyone – from the novice just starting out to the workout warrior – exceptional opportunities to reach their goals. And the facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it works with everyone’s schedule.

Each workout station includes instructions for use on the machine. Equipment made by Life Fitness also includes a QR code that, once scanned, displays videos on proper technique, plus alternative exercises and workout options. Users can also download the LF Connect app and track their workouts and progress on their smartphones.

Cardio Equipment

Fitness center users who want to get their heart pumping have an excellent selection of equipment to try. Each provides a great cardio workout while also toning and strengthening the muscles of the lower body. The cardio machines available at the fitness center (and the corresponding quantity) are as follows:

Life Fitness Treadmills (5) – Easy to use for walking and running, treadmills are perfect for exercisers at all levels of fitness. Life Fitness’s FlexDeck Shock Absorption System offers extra cushioning with every step, minimizing the joint stiffness and pain often associated with running on hard surfaces.

Life Fitness Ellipticals (3) – Ellipticals offer a low-impact workout for exercisers of many levels. Years of biomechanics research went into their design with the goal of designing a comfortable, natural-feeling exercise. Many people like ellipticals because they deliver a quick, high-intensity workout that is easy on the joints.

Life Fitness Powermill Climber (1) – This smooth stair climber has 26 speeds so it’s easy to adjust your workout’s intensity level.

Life Fitness Integrity LifeCycle Recumbent Bike (1) – Comfortable to use, recumbent bikes work the muscles of the lower body with less strain on the joints, bones, and ligaments. The seat offers lumbar support and is easy to adjust so you can find the right position fast.

Echelon Smart Connect Spin Bicycles (2) – This smart spin bike has everything you need for a great workout including adjustable seat and handlebars, dumbbell holders, 2-sided pedals, 32 resistance levels, and interactive programming on its built-in display.

Rowing Machine (1) – Rowing is an excellent full body workout: it uses your upper and lower body on every stroke, toning your muscles and improving endurance in the process.

All of the Life Fitness cardio machines are outfitted with deluxe consoles that give users options to monitor and customize their workouts through Life Fitness on Demand+. This interactive workout tool gives users access to more than 500 on-demand fitness experiences. You can choose from more than 100 terrains or choose one of 400+ instructor lead workouts.

Strength-Training Equipment

In addition to the fabulous cardio apparatus, the new fitness center is fully stocked with free weights and professional quality weight-training machines.

SYNRGY360 is a flexible whole body gym system from Life Fitness that offers users a fun way to change up their workout routine. The SYNRGY360 offers six training spaces including a suspension training area, a heavy bag, a medicine ball rebounder, cable pulley weights, and more.

The fitness center also has the following weight-training equipment:

  • A Smith Machine for controlled barbell strength training
  • A squat machine to work on quads, hamstrings, and glutes
  • Life Fitness leg press, seated chest press, and ab machines

Additionally, the fitness center has an extensive collection of free weights including branded Pecan Square dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells that feature Jack, our bi-colored hound dog mascot!

Free weights allow users to tone and strengthen any muscles in the body with joint isolation exercises like biceps curls, chest flys, and shoulder raises.

Designed to Fit Right In

The new fitness center building was designed to be a mirror-image of the original half of Jackson Hall, on the east side of the game room. With a tall, steeply pitched gabled roof, the interior of the space has a soaring interior ceiling and receives plenty of soft, natural light from the abundant east and south facing windows. The new portion of the building was extended slightly to add a space for yoga classes.

The interior of the new fitness center also mirrors that of the original Jackson Hall building with exposed cedar beams, paint, trim, tile, and flooring all in sync. The transition from western half of the building to the eastern half is almost seamless; visitors will likely never know the fitness center was a later addition.

While the building’s interior is quite attractive, the cardio equipment is strategically placed around the perimeter of the fitness center’s main room, to maximize users’ views of the Town Square’s grounds. That is, if they choose to look away from the engaging interactive content on the built-in consoles!

Visit Pecan Square’s Fitness Center Today

If you’re in the market for a new home and you appreciate the benefits of exercise, you’ll love Pecan Square by Hillwood. In addition to the brand new fitness center, there are many amenities that encourage an active lifestyle including two pools, walking paths, a dog park for you and your furry friends, sports courts at the Arena, and more!

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