June 30, 2021

Master-Planned Communities Offer Connection

If you’ve been thinking about buying a home in a master-planned community, you’re onto something. Planned communities in the northern suburbs of the DFW metroplex–in cities like Little Elm, Argyle, and Northlake–have become very popular homebuying destinations for families, singles, and couples from all over the United States. These cities in Denton County, TX are thriving thanks in part to the growth of their master-planned communities. So what is it about these neighborhoods that make them so special? Why are people from all over Texas, and the United States, choosing the planned neighborhoods of North Texas?

Making Community Connections

Many housing developments offer quality homes and community amenities such as neighborhood pools, recreation centers, and playgrounds. But several of the master-planned communities in North Texas offer unique benefits that are baked into their design. These neighborhoods are specially created to draw people together through everyday interactions and experiences. The team behind Hillwood Communities knows how important these interactions are for creating connections among neighbors. 

So how are Hillwood’s master-planned communities designed to create community connections?

Master-Planned Community Events

One of the biggest advantages of living in a master-planned community is all of the fun community events that residents can take part in. Did you know that each of Hillwood’s Live Smart communities has a full-time lifestyle manager who plans over 300 events each year for homeowners to enjoy? It is these shared experiences between neighbors that forge friendships and truly create a sense of community. 

Let’s look at some examples:

Entertainment & Social Events

Our on-site lifestyle managers really knock themselves out planning fun community activities and social events for every age group and every taste. Why do they do this? Because these events are all about making community connections. Homeowners at Pecan Square by Hillwood enjoy movie nights, bingo, holiday parties (like the Easter Eggstravaganza, Father’s Day Slip & Slide/Kick Ball, etc.), pool parties, the Puh-Kahn Festival, wine tasting, gardening classes, LIVE on the Lawn, and much more.  

Beyond just fun activities, these events are a wonderful way to get to know others in your community in ways that most people living in ordinary neighborhoods never will.

Kids Events

When you live at Pecan Square (or any Hillwood Live Smart community), there are gatherings for the adults and there are activities planned specifically for the kids! Pecan Square littles (what we affectionately call our smallest residents) enjoy storytimes, character-themed events, ice cream parties, crafting workshops, Wacky Wednesdays, muffins with Mom, and so much more!  

Our lifestyle manager also plans special age-appropriate events just for Pecan Square teens like movie nights and holiday parties. There’s something for everyone at Pecan Square!

Community Outreach Events

Besides all the fun and games, our lifestyle manager also plans events that allow residents to give back to the community, such as last year’s blood drive with the American Red Cross. In fact, each of Hillwood’s Live Smart communities adopts its own charitable organization. 

This year, Pecan Square residents are co-hosting the Northlake Neighbors 10K/5K Run that will benefit the North Texas Food Bank. The wonderful thing about giving our time to help others is that everyone benefits. Volunteering teaches our kids the value of helping others, it allows us another chance to build community connections, and, it just feels good. 

Resident-Organized Events

On top of all the great events planned by our community’s lifestyle manager, there are still more activities available for homeowners! Residents of each Hillwood community are encouraged to organize their own events, further widening the amazing opportunities to connect with others in the neighborhood. Bible study groups, book clubs, poker nights, crafting clubs, and cornhole leagues are just a few examples of resident-organized gatherings that take place at Pecan Square.

Fitness & Outdoor Recreation

Well-being is one of our core Live Smart principles. So naturally, we have designed our communities for residents to have ample opportunities for recreation and exercise. Neighborhoods are designed with short, walkable blocks so folks can go places on foot, and each community has trails, green spaces, swimming pools, parks, fitness centers, and sports courts. 

Each Live Smart community also offers weekly fitness classes such as boot camp, yoga, strength training, water aerobics, and much more at various on-site locations. Pecan Square homeowners can enjoy water aerobics as well as other resident-organized fitness classes.

The community’s design and its ample opportunities for exercise encourage folks to get outside and play together, both in organized and spontaneous ways.

Neighborhood Schools

When you have great neighborhood schools, there is no need to leave the area to go looking for educational opportunities elsewhere. That’s yet another benefit of living in a master-planned development by Hillwood Communities, and of Pecan Square in particular. Located within the acclaimed Northwest ISD, our kiddos get to attend some of the finest schools in the state. Plus, we have an on-site elementary school coming in the future!

When you grow up in a school district that has a 95% parent satisfaction rate, just about everyone attends the local schools. So that means some of your child’s classmates could live right in the neighborhood. They see each other in class, at lunch, and at recess every day so they know the new students within the first few days. Children who move to Pecan Square have friends at school, and in the neighborhood, from the start. And often, when kids become friends, their parents become friends as well. 

Connect with Us at Pecan Square

If you’re looking for a place to call home that offers a wonderful, welcoming, connected community, you will love Pecan Square. Take a virtual tour of our beautiful homes and amazing amenities and check out our Canopy technology bundle that is included in every home at Pecan Square. Our community is designed to foster connection through engaging experiences for homeowners of all ages. Come visit us at The Greeting House (2701 N Market Square, Northlake, TX 76247) to learn more!