November 30, 2021
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Home Automation Gifts for the Smart, Connected Household

Looking for a gift for someone who loves smart home technology?  We’ve found eleven great tech gifts for the home and included them in our smart home gift guide. There’s sure to be something here for everyone on your list who loves home automation gadgets!

Not long ago, the thought of one day being able to control our entire home from a pocket-sized phone-computer would have been laughable. Now, the best new home communities don’t even bother building anything but smart homes.

Everything from your home’s temperature to its security and sprinklers can be monitored and adjusted without ever leaving the comfort of your couch – and that’s just the beginning. Many smart home gadgets interact with one another to create a fully personalized and automated at-home experience.

We all know smart home enthusiasts. We just don’t always know what to get them. Our smart home gift guide will give you some great ideas that should delight and surprise anyone who appreciates home automation gadgets.

Smart locks

All the homeowners in Pecan Square by Hillwood can tell you about the joys of having a Ring Video Doorbell. Smart locks take home security a step further. Instead of using a key or code to enter your home, you simply use your finger. These tech tools make getting into your home as easy as getting into your phone.

Automatic pet feeders

No smart home is complete without a smart pet feeder. There are devices that know how much to feed your pet and how often based on their weight and age. Other smart pet devices can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi and updated from your phone. 

Robo cleaners

If fluffy lives up to their namesake and you’re sick of sweeping, try an automated vacuum. Most have apps that pair with your phone and can also be controlled using your home’s Amazon Echo Show. Some even have a built-in mop combination feature that lets your cleaner do double duty. 

Indoor gardening

A smart garden can be a great gift for someone who already has a lot of home automation gadgets because they are relatively new on the scene.  Smart gardens can unlock the tech enthusiasts’ inner green thumb. Stock up on a variety of shelf-stable seeds that can be grown year-round. Choose from herbs and veggies like tomatoes or flowers for a pop of color.

Smart power strips

Smart power strips are among the most practical tech gifts for the home. Anything that’s plugged into these outlets or USB ports instantly becomes a smart device. Control using Alexa in your Amazon Echo Show and automate anything from lights and phone chargers to gaming consoles to save time and conserve energy.

Bluetooth trackers

Never lose anything again – really. Small Bluetooth trackers can be attached to the things you use, and lose, most often. No more searching for the remote or coming into work late because you couldn’t find your keys. If you lose your luggage on a trip and the tracker gets out of range, some brands have a crowd-finding network that uses other people’s devices to help locate yours!

Tech-savvy cookware

A Wi-Fi-enabled kitchen tech is a chef’s dream and items to help with meal prep make wonderful smart home gifts. These devices can help you measure out ingredients, cook your food to more precise temperatures, or even tell you when the food in your fridge has passed its expiration date.

Utility assistants

Utility assistants are some of our favorite smart home gifts. When you own a home, saving energy is a huge priority. Smart utility assistants can monitor your water or electricity usage and let you know there’s a change. Many even come with automatic shut-offs that can prevent damage from water leaks or power surges.

Home safety gadgets

Smart smoke alarms? Yep, they’re more popular than ever. They’ll alert you if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected and tell you where in your home the trouble is originating. Many also use voice-activation to lock your doors, control your lights, etc. 

Temperature controlled mugs

You can take a piece of your smart home ecosystem with you every time you leave with a temperature-controlled travel mug. Using its app, you can set the temperature of your morning beverage and have it stay the same, consistent temp throughout the day.

Smart toothbrushes

If you’re curious about the true brushing habits of your children, these modern electric toothbrushes can help you monitor them. They also come with interactive apps you can use to get data about each individual tooth in your mouth!

Home Technology Enthusiasts Love Pecan Square by Hillwood

Finding gifts for loved ones is hard enough. Finding gifts for smart home technology lovers may sound extra challenging, but in truth, the options are virtually unlimited.

If you love smart home gadgets, you’ll be right at home at Pecan Square by Hillwood in Northlake, TX.  Each and every new home at Pecan Square gets the Canopy technology bundle which includes super-fast half-gig internet, an Amazon Echo Show, full-home coverage Wi-Fi, and a Ring Video doorbell.  Any of the amazing home automation gifts we’ve mentioned here can be a fantastic addition to a new Pecan Square home!

If you’re considering a move within or to North Texas, take a virtual tour of Pecan Square! In addition to our fantastic smart home technology, our new home community has state-of-the-art amenities and an award-winning lifestyle program created to build community connections. Come visit us at the Greeting House at Pecan Square by Hillwood to learn more!