November 15, 2022

Best Smart Home Gift Ideas

Have a home technology enthusiast on your holiday gift list? When it comes to the holidays, home tech gifts are always a hit! No festive moment is more filled with joy than when a loved one unwraps the right present.

While the presence of technology in our lives has only grown over the past few decades, the advent of smart home technology has expanded even more rapidly. And with smart homes only becoming more popular, this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the tech-savvy person in your life, we’ve got eight smart home gift ideas that could make this holiday season one to remember.

Eight Smart Home Gift Ideas for 2022

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are one of the most practical tech gifts for the smart home. They’re excellent at preventing energy drain, increasing efficiency, reducing waste, and saving money. These devices are able to adjust temperatures throughout the day so that energy isn’t wasted when no one is home, extending the life of your heating and cooling systems while also ensuring your home is comfortable at just the right times.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart home devices have revolutionized home security, with no shortage of products on the market that will help any homeowner sleep better at night. The smart home garage door opener is no exception, allowing the user to monitor their garage door’s status remotely, open the door automatically (thanks to a touchless sensor in their vehicle), or even coordinate with delivery drivers who can leave a package inside the garage.

Security Cameras

Keeping an eye on the neighborhood is easier than ever, with smart security cameras. Whether you need to monitor your front porch, side doors, or even the inside of your home, there’s a security camera for everyone. These high-resolution, feature-rich gadgets can even develop ‘smart’ recognition patterns that will detect the difference between pets and people, a useful feature for homeowners with four-legged family members.

Smart Lighting

Smart home integration works particularly well for lighting, saving on utility costs while allowing a homeowner the comfort of a completely customized lighting experience. With everything from smart bulbs and switches, to smart switch-pressing bots that can integrate with your smart home assistant, there’s no shortage of great smart home lighting gifts. For an extra-personal touch, consider a bedside night light with smart sleep cycle integration — after all, there’s no gift better than a good night’s sleep!

Home Décor Items

Smarten up your home while keeping it aesthetically appealing, with smart home decor items. From air purifiers that look like beautiful planters to customizable ambient lighting installations, or even a smart ceiling fan that delivers all the benefits of a smart thermostat while looking much more chic, there are plenty of options to be found for the tech lover who also has an eye for design.

Smart Speaker

Home audio devices are one of the top categories that have been completely transformed by smart home integration. Offering top-quality audio in addition to voice-assistant integration, these devices are more popular than ever. Whether this home tech gift is for an audiophile or just someone who enjoys convenience, a smart speaker is a great choice.

Smart Display

Picture frames certainly aren’t what they used to be, with smart displays completely reinventing them. Now, you can fill a frame with any image you want! Whether you’re displaying iconic pieces of art or the smiling faces of family and friends, a smart display has you covered. For relatives or dear friends, consider gifting this along with a preloaded digital photo album to help get them started.

Smart Air Purifier

Among the many areas of a homeowner’s life that smart devices improve, the quality of their home’s air is definitely a big one. With built-in air quality sensors allowing you to monitor air purity in any room, these devices can integrate with a smart home assistant to run based on the rhythms of daily life and ensure the air is cleanest exactly when and where it needs to be.

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