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Welcome home to your new small town


A place in
the making

This is a story about the American Dream, rediscovered and reinterpreted. Where people will gather to share the very best local foods, music and crafts. And celebrate the rituals of the changing season. It’s about families growing. Friendships forming. Lives evolving. A community blossoming. And this is just the beginning.

Puh-kahn or Pee-can?

Pecan Trees

The story of the trees

In case you were wondering, we pronounce it “puh-kahn.” And that’s where our story begins. Early on, we decided to preserve over 200 of the pecan trees growing on our land. Because mature trees add character to a neighborhood. Of course, not only did the old trees inspire much of the community’s design, they inspired the name itself.
Father and son

Our homes are beyond smart

Pecan Square’s tech-savvy homes make life easier, but they also make it more neighborly. Because they connect you to the community. At move-in, homes come with half-gigabit Wi-Fi, Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show. With a few simple words you can see who’s at the front door, make restaurant reservations or watch your favorite Marvel movie. And get notified when your packages arrive at the Post & Parcel. But best of all, Alexa connects to the HOA. So you can sign up for a yoga class. See who’s playing at the outdoor concert. And then video call your neighbors to make plans.
Pecan Trees

Why our spirit animal is a truck

A ’53 Chevy pickup, to be exact. Durable. Reliable. A classic. Like all of Pecan Square, it’s a part of the past that’s been given new relevance in the present. It serves as our traveling ambassador, making appearances and connecting our community. It’s a reminder of how good things just get better over time. Oh, and it makes people smile too.

Hillwood Communities,
a Perot Company


At Hillwood, everything we do is measured against a set of values we call Live Smartsm. Five principles that guide our hand in placemaking: Connection, Well-Being, Enrichment, Stewardship, and Convenience. For Pecan Square that means before we ever put a shovel in the ground, we collaborate with local stakeholders to create a shared community vision. The outcome was our robust plan for amenities, an onsite hospitality program—and a healthier, smarter, more enjoyable place to live. One measured in smiles, moments of sheer delight and lifelong friendships. Learn how our Live Smartsm program works in our other communities.

Yoga at Union Park Dad with kids and dog Harvest by Hillwood

Make this land your land

The Texas prairie welcomes you, its pecan trees and open sky an invitation to what’s next – a new mix of town with country roots. And it’s an open invitation to you, to start laying down roots of your own.

Please join our interest list to stay informed about our progress and to receive invitations to special events.
Pecan Square Park Pecan Square Pool Pecan Square Kids Slide Leaf Union Park Kids Swinging
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