People's Choice
Community of the Year

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“I'll have to say, that never having lived in an HOA and seeing all the events, all the effort our HOA does to make us as homeowners want to be here.... I can truly say this is home and I’m proud of it.”

Ben Huso

“…Everything about this community is just stellar. The activities, the places to meet with neighbors and friends, the groups where we can meet face to face are just phenomenal. I also truly love the diversity. The “hi’s and hellos” as people pass by. The safety. I know that the friendships I’ve made in this community are real. We truly have a village.”

Tamara Jennings

“No words can explain it really. Is such a vibe. Great people, sense of community, events, whether you go to everything or just a few, you always feel loved and welcome!”

Julie Anderson